Safety Services

Our Safety Services

We are approved as Safety Competent Institution approved under Factory Act 1948 / Rajasthan Factory Rules 1961 for section 6, 21(2),28,29,31,87 by the CIFB Rajasthan.

Various Safety Solutions /services, we provide as part of our competency are as under:

  • Comprehensive Safety Audit & Training: as per IS14489
  • Compliance Auditing , Due Diligence Under OHS, Environment, Social related Legal and other requirements
  • Fire & Risk Assessment, Fire load calculation, Fire Water Network Analysis, Fire Hazard Management, Design of Fire & Gas Detection System, Fire Safety Audit and Training
  • Electric Safety Audits & Training:, Compressed Air Audits
  • Environmental Audits / Training, Impact Aspect Registers
  • Risk Assessments: Hazard & operability Study (HAZOP), Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), Functional Safety Studies (SIL), Hazardous Area Classification [HAC] using latest software etc
  • On Site / Off Site Emergency / Disaster Management Plan
  • Job Safety Analysis, PPEs requirement & Recommendation, Safety Trainings/ visualization, Safe Work Method Statement Development
  • P&ID : Process & Instrumentation Diagram
  • Safety Inspections of
    (1) Lifting Tools & Tackles, Safety Belts, Pressure Vessels Testing, Hydro test, Lifts & Hoists, fork lifts etc
    (2) NDT Testing, PRV / SRV, Pipeline,
    (3) Building stability
  • Surveys: Ventilation Surveys, Noise, Airflow, Work environment, Illumination, Safety Perception Surveys, Noise Impact Assessments, Thermal Imaging Inspections, etc
  • Approval Documentations and Regulatory Submissions
  • Design and Implementation of Safety Management Systems, Sustainability Management Systems, Integrated HSQE Management Systems, Health & Safety Policies & Documentation
  • Design of ventilation system (HVAC) as per the requirement of various types of industries

Safety Services


Our scepticism soon gave way to deep appreciation for the IMS implemented at our Cement plant and mines by the Consultants. M.K. Rustogi
DGM Ambuja Cement, Rabriyawas

QMS have been involved with our organisation for last ten years and we have found them always available and helpful"{World Largest Marble Miners and Processers} Subhash Agrawal
FCA, VP( Fin)& , RK Marble Pvt Ltd, Plant

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